Add beauty and originality to your windows with layered shades.

If you haven’t seen Layered Shades you really need to check them out!  At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we have many different styles and colors to choose from.


Layered Shades, also known as Silhouettes, Zebra Shades, or Transitional Shades, are horizontal fabric vanes wrapped in a Sheer Cloth.  The Vanes can be tilted open or the entire Shade can be raised or lowered.  This aids in controlling light, glare, and privacy in your rooms but also adds a certain beauty that is not commonly seen.


At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we carry Layered Shades by both Alta Window Fashions and Graber giving you, the customer, the benefit of a great selection.


A cross between a Roller Shade and a Horizontal Blind, you can get the benefits of a Roller Shade without the limitations.  For example, a Roller Shade can only be opened or closed so light can be filtered through the Shade but only to the degree that the Shade allows.  A Sheer Shade can provide different degrees of light control by closing the vanes or by tilting them slightly or fully, or by raising the Shade.  These are known as Overture Shades by Graber or as Sheer Shades by Alta Window Fashions.


The Fabrics available can provide anything from Light Filtering to Room Darkening.  Due to the nature of this product a true Blackout is not available.  Motorization, of course, is always an option for those hard to reach windows or just for the convenience.

A really neat product that is also considered a Layered Shade consists of Vanes inside Sheers that do not tilt, they raise behind the next creating a “Zebra” look when opened.  These are known as Mezzanine by Graber, and Dual Shades by Alta Window Fashions.


If you would like a first hand look at these beautiful Window Treatments contact Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh for your free no-obligation estimate.  We can be reached at (412) 999-9199 or by clicking the “contact” tab here or at the top of this page