Consider new Window Treatments when updating or remodeling your home.

Many times when home owners get new Window Treatments it is because they are remodeling or updating areas of their homes. This is where Made in The Shade Blinds & More comes in.


What can happen, for example, is that a homeowner will have new windows installed and the existing Window Treatments no longer fit due to a change in the depth.  Or the existing Window Treatments are old and need replaced also.

Other times the updates are changes in flooring, paint, or furniture.  We have many different colors and patterns to choose from that would certainly compliment the new décor.


One customer decided on new Roman Shades for her dining room.  She was planning on getting a new dining room set but we suggested just getting new material and covering the seats in a fabric that would match the paint and Roman Shades.

We can provide fabric by the yard to accomplish this task.  The customer chose a fabric and we ordered it for her.  She then had her upholsterer cover the seats.


Another customer loved her Draperies from Made in The Shade Blinds & More so much that she ordered pillows from us to match the Draperies.

We have existing customers who call us every time they update a room in their home.  To us this is a great compliment of the products we sell and of our service.


We are also happy to work with your Interior Designer.  Many times Interior Designers don’t carry a large selection of samples like we do.  At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we can offer guidance and ideas.  We are experts in Window Treatment styles, applications, and installations. and Interior designers respect that.  The designers we have worked with have been very impressed by our professionalism, reliability, and reasonable prices.


Contact Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh for your free in-home consultation and let us show you how much beauty the right Window Treatments can add to your home. We can be reached at (412) 999-9199 or by clicking the “contact” tab on this page.