What are the different styles of Roman Shades?

Kim McConnell, co-owner at Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh, will bring up Roman Shades on just about every consultation.  She loves the styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns that are available with these Window Treatments but mostly she loves the look.


Roman Shades are a fabric shade that completely cover the window when closed and are then raised by Cords to a preferred height.  Cordless is also available and is a very popular no-cost option. There several levels of opaqueness available from Sheer to Blackout. Lining is standard on many of the Romans but is not available on Sheers and is optional on Natural Woven Shades.  The lift cords are not visible from the inside but will be apparent from the outside.


A Classic Roman Shade is completely flat when lowered but when raised they fold into even stacks. Hobbled Roman Shades are very full, showing the even folds while lowered.  Knife Pleat Roman Shades contain rods in the pleats to maintain a crisp even fold when lowered. Ribbed Pleat Roman Shades are the opposite of Knife Pleat, in that the pockets are in the front of the Shade to accent each pleat.  A Relaxed Roman Shade is flat when lowered but when lifted the fabric pulls into a nice “smile” as it stacks. A London Shade is similar to the Relaxed Shade in that it does not form a “smile” when raised, it forms additional decorative folds approximately ten inches in from the left and right of each side.


When deciding on which type of Roman Shade is right for you there are some considerations.  Some of our fabrics, colors and patterns are available in all Roman Shade styles.  However our Natural Woven Shade collection is only available as a Classic Roman Shade or a Hobbled Roman Shade.

Valances are also available, standard on some Shades and optional on others. They are optional on some because these Window Treatments are beautiful even without the Valance.


On certain applications though, we may recommend not going with certain styles.  On windows that sit directly next to each other a Relaxed Roman Shade or a London Shade may not be desirable as the become wider while being raised.  This can cause interference between the two shades.


If you want something beautiful that every guest that comes to your home will certainly admire consider Roman Shades.

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