Is Motorization really worth the price?

Motorization, or motor controlled Window Treatments, is an option that some customers find valuable while others questions it’s worth.

At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we offer Motorization on many of our products.  In the case of a Wood or Faux Wood Blind the slats can be tilted open or closed by a motor.  The same is true for Aluminum Blinds.  For Shades like Cellulars, Romans, and Rollers the motor lifts and lowers the Shade. Draperies can even be Motorized!


So why is this important?

It depends upon your application.  Many Pittsburgh area homes today have large vaulted or cathedral ceilings with windows that are much too high to reach.  Many times the architects who design these homes do not consider that Window Treatments might be needed.


A lot homes also have garden tubs with windows to provide natural light.  The architect may not have considered that privacy could be an issue for a home owner and the windows are in such a position that it may be very awkward for the home owner to control the Window Treatment.

These are two great applications for Motorization.  Depending on the direction that the window is placed there may be certain times that the window needs to be opened or closed and on the high windows the setting of the Window Treatment can not be easily changed without Motorization.

In the garden tub application homeowners may find themselves keeping the window treatment closed and sacrificing the beauty of natural light as opposed to climbing across the tub to open and close the unit.


A remote control will be included with the Window Treatment to wirelessly open or close the unit.  Several units can be controlled either simultaneously or separately with the same remote.  The remote may even be mounted on the wall to avoid the aggravation of misplacing it.

Another consideration is Home Automation. As Pittsburgh has become a high tech area, conveniences such as Home Automation are becoming popular. The Window Treatments may be controlled by a tablet, computer, or even cell phone and set to open and close at certain times or on demand.  This is great for providing home security or just convenience.

Or maybe your desire is convenience.  If you know you are going to open and close the Window Treatments every day why not have them motorized?  A touch of a button from across the room is much easier than proceeding to the different Window Treatments and manually opening and closing them.


With Exterior Roller Shades on a patio or deck they should be raised during a storm to avoid wind damage. If a storm arrives and your Shades are down you can go outside and get wet or stay inside and touch a button.  I think the choice is obvious.  We also offer wind sensors that will close the Shades if the wind picks up.

Whatever the application Contact Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh can help design and steer you toward the right solution for all of your Window Covering needs. Call us today for your free no-obligation estimate.  We can be reached at (412) 999-9199 or by clicking the “contact” tab here or at the top of this page.