Roller and Solar Shades by Graber

Roller Shades are one of the most practical and enduring window treatments in the market place today.  At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we have many different styles, pattern, product lines, and options to choose from.


Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh is a proud dealer of Graber, Horizons Window Fashions, and Alta Window Fashions, all of which provide beautiful and dependable Roller Shade products.

Roller Shades can provide all levels of opacity from sheer to black out and Solar Shades can provide from 1% to 10% openness factor. They can be controlled by a Cord-Lock system, a Clutch Control system, a Cordless system, or a Motorized system.

The Roller can be exposed or hidden in a Cartridge, Facia, or behind a Valance or Top Treatment. You will be amazed by the options we can offer.

In this Blog we will discuss Graber’s Roller and Solar Shades.  In future Blogs I will discuss Horizon Window Fashions and Alta Window Fashions Roller Shades.


Graber is very proud of their LightWeaves Roller and Solar Shades.   The Continuous-Loop Lift is a dependable proven lift system which is standard on all the Roller and Solar Shades.  The Cordless Lift has a unique speed braking system and a manually adjustable tension which allows the shade to be lifted smoothly.  The Smart Pull Lift is very convenient In that it allows the Shade to be lowered automatically with a single pull of the cord, or raised to the desired height with simple pulls of the cord.  Of course, Motorized Lift is always available.

Graber Roller Shades have 25 different Fabrics available in many different colors.  These Fabrics can be any opacity level from Sheer, Light Filtering, Room Darkening and Black Out and can block damaging UV rays.  Fire Rated Fabrics are also available.  The Roller Shades may be accented with Scallops, Gimp, or Bead Trim

Graber Solar Shades have 50 different Fabric styles in many different colors.  They can filter and diffuse light while maintaining an outward view.  These Shades can manage glare by minimizing it on TVs and Computer Screens.  Darker fabric colors have better glare control and better view to the outside.  These shades protect your property by blocking harmful UV rays. Solar Shades are rated by their Openness Factor, the lower the Openness factor, the more UV Protection. Most of Graber Solar Shades are FR rated.


Solar Shades do not provide night time privacy and lighted interiors will allow inward visibility.  If privacy is a concern then a Dual Shade would be the solution.  Graber’s Dual Shades create versatility in light control and privacy by combining a Roller Shade with a Solar Shade on the same headrail.  Both Shades could also be from the Roller Shade collection.  Many customers may like a certain fabric to match the room décor and use a different fabric closer to the window to maintain light control and privacy.  Both Shades are operated independently but Cordless and Smart Pull systems are not available.

In Pittsburgh we have terrific summers with lots of sun and Solar Shades can be great addition to your home.

Graber Lightweaves Roller and Solar Shades are both available with a Square Corner Valance, or a Cassette or Facia to cover the Roller.


Graber Roller and Solar Shades are virtually maintenance free.  If they get dusty simply vacuum with an upholstery attachment.  Roller Shades may be cleaned with a clean damp cloth and Solar Shades may occasionally be cleaned with a mild detergent and a thorough rinsing is required.  In any case allow the Shade to completely dry before raising and never completely immerse them.

If you are interested in Roller or Solar Shades, or any of our other window treatment options please Contact Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh for your free no-obligation estimate.  We can be reached at (412) 999-9199 or by clicking the “contact” tab here or at the top of this page.