Accent Rugs
Accentuate with accent rugs

Accent Area Rugs

Now that you have your new Window Treatments how about a finishing touch to really  pull that room together?  At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we also sell accent rugs and we have all styles to fit all tastes and complement your new window treatments. Whether your tastes runs towards traditional or transitional, formal or casual, we have the style to fit you. A beautiful accent rug can certainly be the focal point of any room with it’s warm and welcoming feeling.  Accent rugs make for a comfortable island that absorbs the sound of the room and provides a more pleasant touch.

Hardwood and tile floors have become very popular but there are times when an accent rug would be the perfect touch. We offer a seemingly endless array of patterns and colors that will accentuate your room. Have an open floor plan?  An accent rug can be the objects that sets areas apart.

Of course, an accent rug could be your first choice in your decorating project. You can “roll out” the decorating groundwork with accent rugs from Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh.

Our accent rugs are made form only first-rate materials and trendy styles that will remain stylish for years to come. We also offer outdoor accent rugs because we know that outdoor living has become a way of life.  Many homes are designed with a prominent outdoor area because builders and architects realize that these are wonderful areas to engage with friends and family.  Accentuate your outdoor area with an accent rug.

We take the pressure off of you by measuring and helping to select the perfect accent rug for your home and with our shop at home convenience you can compare our samples with your décor.

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