Layered Shades
beautifully unique

Why Choose Layered Shades?

A brand new product with great potential in Home Decorating Circles.  Layered Shades are similar to sheer shades in that they are enclosed by sheer fabrics on the front and back.  But there is a twist.  These shades have two overlapping vanes that can close or open completely and provide a zebra-like appearance. Providing protection from the Sun’s harmful rays, these shades also allow light to enter the room in a diffused manner.  No lines visible and, when opened, they disappear into a matching valance.

At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we can provide you with an array of colors for your new Layered Shades that will complement whatever styles and colors you have chosen in your home.  If you are looking to be modern and unique this the product for you.

Layered Shade Features

  • Great selection of colors
  • Disperses harsh sunlight and distributes it throughout the room.
  • Thoroughly modern and unique.
  • Different fabrics can provide different light opacities depending on your needs.
  • As with most of our products, motorization is available.
  • Compatible with home automation systems.

Layered Shades were recently introduced to the industry and they have immediately become very popular in the most fashionable of Cities.  You can be the first among your friends to display such a beautiful treatment on your windows.  At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we can show you samples and have swatches sent to your home for your later comparison.  Layered Shades come with a Continuous-Loop Lift system that makes raising and lowering the Shade very easy.  The color coordinated cord can be positioned on the left or right and always remains at the same length regardless of the position of the Shade.  A fabric wrapped cassette encloses the mechanism providing a cohesive look that never wants for a valance.