Solar Shades
Providing beauty and protection from the sun

Why choose Solar shades?

For areas where sunlight is a problem but privacy is not, consider solar shades.  When closed they block the sun’s harmful effects but continue to provide an outside view. They can lower air conditioning costs by reducing the greenhouse effect of the bare windows.

Great for exterior patio settings!  Solar Shades can provide a view while reducing heat. Many are FR rated, mildew and corrosion resistant. Solar Shades from Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh can help you maintain the view you love so much but let you enjoy it by blocking and controlling the sun’s harmul rays and allowing for a more comfortable temperature.

Solar Shade Features:

  • Reduce your air conditioning costs by lowering the shades when the sun is at it’s hottest.
  • Today’s televisions are huge and are much more susceptible to glare than before. Solar shades can reduce that glare.
  • Many styles, colors, and fabrics to choose from
  • Maintains great outward visibility, even when shade is fully lowered.
  • When closed you can still see out!
  • A great product for commercial applications where an outside view is desired but the sun’s rays are not.
  • Exterior solar shades are also available for your patio or deck.
  • As always,  motorization is always available.

Our Solar Shades at Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh provide excellent outward visibility and glare control.  The openness factor is anywhere from 1% to 25%.  (The greater the openness factor the greater the light that’s let in and the greater the view outside). Many options are available included Continuous Loop Lift, Cordless Lift, Smart Pull Lift and Motorized Lift. A Dual Shade option is available that allows for two shades to be mounted on the same bracket providing both privacy and light control. Also, wide widths are available up to 124 inches.

At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh the fabrics we offer dark, medium, and light fabrics that can provide glare and heat control, natural light management, outside view, and UV protection. We have many colors to choose from and can offer you a cartridge or valance to enclose the Roller.

March 2019 – Solar shades can be a great solution for businesses that are having problems with both glare from the sun and people looking in. These 1% solar shades worked out very well in this restaurant in Braddock Hill. Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh services both commercial and residential window treatments needs.