Faux Iron Decorative Grilles
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Surprisingly affordable Faux Iron Decorative Grills look like wrought iron but are much lighter and inexpensive.  Classic, elegant beauty awaits.

Faux Iron Decorative Grille Features:

  • All products are custom made.
  • You can create your own design
  • Many finishes to choose from
  • Made of recycled wood,  our salute to the environment.
  • Unlike iron, these will not rust or fade over time.
  • Installation included in all sales.
  • Great for transom windows and sidelights.
  • Decorate you ceiling!
  • Customize walls or partitions.
  • May be used outdoors.
  • Moisture, rot and termite resistant.  Also FR rated.

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Faux Iron Grills from Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh are light in weight because they are made from a solid composite material. They are less expensive that wrought iron.  There are standard or customized designs that can be made to your exact dimensions.  This type of material easily lends itself to intricate designs and it is easier to handle and install than wrought iron. It is available in a variety of finishes and thicknjesess from 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch, to 3/4 inch.  Because they are a composite material they are perfectly suitable for outdoor use.  They will not rust or bleed.

We encourage you to browse our standard designs for ideas.  Faux Iron Design can turn almost any vision into a reality!

We can create pieces from sketches, pictures or drawings.  All pieces are custom built to fit your specific needs which is why Faux Iron Design is able to offer our customers such a cost effective and flexible solution for those challenging projects such as arched windows or irregularly shaped spaces.  

Tableaux Faux Iron is a composite material suitable for indoors or outdoors,  has a hard composition and can be drilled or saw trimmed.  Designs can be carved/detailed on one side or both.  Mounting is simple with supplied methods including direct surface screws, lateral hex screws, hinges, picture hangars or in some cases Velcro!.  Available in a variety of finishes to easily compliment  any style décor from traditional to contemporary.