Why have Top Down/Bottom Up Shades?

At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we sell all types of Window Treatments.  One popular product style is a Window Shade that will open either from the top or the bottom.

top down bottom up promo

Some manufacturers call this option Bottom Up/Top Down, some call it Top Down/Bottom Up and another calls it Duofold.  They all work the same way.

This can be a very practical product for both light and privacy control.  It can be completely closed for complete privacy, completely opened for full light, opened partially from the bottom to provide some light, or opened only from the top to provide a combination of both light and privacy.

cellular top down bottom up

Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades are probably the most common Window Treatments to be used with this option.  The Cellular Shades are also great for insulation,  you can really feel the difference in temperature between the inside of the window and the outside of the Shade.  Cellular Shades are available in several different “cell” sizes including 3/8” single cell,  3/8” double cell, and ¾” single cell.

Pleated Shades are also available with this option.   The unique thing about Pleated Shades is that their design can add intensity and formation to traditional shades through uniformly spaced, sharp folds of fabric.

dual shades

Roman Shades are also available with this option. At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we can show you many different styles of Roman Shades including Classic Roman Shades, Hobbled Shades, Knife Pleat Shades, Ribbed Pleat Shades, Relaxed Shades, and London Shades.  We can provide you with many different colors and patterns of fabrics to choose from.  We can even show you Natural Woven Shades with this feature.


Many of these styles are available with the Cordless Feature for that clean no-cord look.  Great for tall windows but cords are recommended for operablility.

So if you need privacy but still want light entering a room consider Top Down/Bottom Up Shades from Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh.  You will love the look of our Cellular, Pleated, and Roman Shades.

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