Important things to consider when purchasing Window Treatments

Window Treatments are a necessity.  Even if you don’t notice the Window Treatments in a home you will certainly notice when there are none. For functionality all that is needed is something to cover a window for privacy and for light control but at Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we see Window Treatments as a way to personalize and beautify your home.


There are so many Window Treatment products available that the decision can sometimes be daunting.  At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we can steer you through the confusion and work with you to ensure the Window Treatment you choose is exactly right for you and your home.

We’ve come up with some guidelines to consider when making this important decision and we always present these questions to homeowners during our Free In-home Consultations.

First consider lighting.  If this is a kitchen or dining area you may just want something that will filter the light while at most times of the day you may want full light for this area.  A good option could be Wood Blinds because they can be opened or closed and the slats tilted open or closed.  In a bedroom you may want to consider a shade with a black out material.  The same is true for a home theater room.


Another serious consideration is privacy. Many of our products offer great privacy while not being necessarily black out.  Take Plantation Shutters for example.  Light can come through but not sight. One thing we tell our customers is “if you can see outside during the daytime then others can see in at night when the lights are on.”


UV Blockage can be a concern for some homeowners.  We had a customer who turned a solarium into a library and it was great for reading.  The placement of the home and this room made privacy a non-concern so he had no Window Treatments initially.  What he found after about six months was that his book’s jackets were beginning to fade.  We installed UV blocking shades to solve this problem.

In Pittsburgh insulation is always a concern. Two products we carry are great insulators.  The first Cellular Shades, which have fabric formed into “cells” to trap the air inside.  The second are Plantation Shutters.  They act like doors over your windows.


For homeowners with young children safety is a big concern.  Several of the products we sell are available without any cords for a child or pet to become tangled in.  We also have fire rated fabrics available.


Style and taste are huge concerns for homeowners.  They want products that reflect their personality and characteristics.  The Window Treatments you choose are going to be with you for a long time and you are going to see them daily so you will want to choose something you love.

A concern for everyone is price.  No one wants to spend more than they need to and everyone wants the best value for their money.  This is an investment so you want something to last.  At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we only sell quality products that are guaranteed and warranted.  Our prices are also very reasonable.

When we look at everything that goes into making this decision it can get confusing and that’s where we come in.  We will first determine your needs and wants and the applicability of the products to your home.  We will then show you products and options that suit your needs, styles and tastes.  We are experts, this is all we do.  You can trust us.

Contact Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh for your free no-obligation estimate.  We can be reached at (412) 999-9199 or by clicking the “contact” tab here or at the top of this page.