Wood Blinds:  Popular and Functional

At Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh we sell a lot of Wood Blinds.  They are very fashionable, don’t go out of style, and can coordinate with just about anything.


Our Wood Blinds came in many stain and paint colors.  When we come to your home for a consultation we will bring a sample palette of actual wood slats that you can compare to your existing trim, carpeting, paint, furniture, or any other items you may want to coordinate. This method of picking the right color is much better than using samples from a website or photos from a catalog.  With 32 different stain colors and 14 different paint colors there is little doubt you will find the perfect match.


All of our Wood Blinds come with your choice of a Valance to cover the head rail.  Again, we bring actual Valances to your home so you can see first hand what you like the best.

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We do offer a Cordless option so no cords are seen.  This option is popular in areas where children or pets may get tangled in the cords.  If you do opt for Cords, we have 6 different tassels available for you to choose.  You can inspect the tassel samples first hand because we always have them for you.


Cloth tapes are another great option.  The Cloth tapes cover the strings that lift the blinds.  There are many different colors and styles of tapes to choose from.  You can hold a Cloth Tape sample against a Wood slat sample to see the comparison.

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Wood Blinds from Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh are custom made so if you have a special shaped window there is a great chance we can develop a Wood Blind to fit it.  And if there is an object in the way of your Wood Blind we can “cut-out” an area of the Wood Blind to fit that protrusion.


Wood Blinds offer a great deal of privacy but they due allow light in to a room due to there nature.  This light can be reduced by opting for the “no-holes” option. The slats have slight notches in them instead of holes so, when closed, there is less light to enter the room.

So if you are considering Wood Blinds or any other Window Treatments contact Made in The Shade Blinds of Pittsburgh at (412)999-9199 or by clicking on the “contact” tab on this page.